In today’s competitive job market it’s tough to shine amongst other qualified individuals. Many wonder why some employees with less education acquire higher positions, while others with higher education and better credentials are not promoted? This question puzzles many employees who have been in companies for years and see a new hire quickly going up the company ladder. There are ways to excel in your job regardless of credentials or level of experience. In this article we will review key factors to help you excel in any particular job setting.

Laurie Erdman author of Burnout: Identify It- Extinguish It. Ignite Your Life! writes, in The Huffington Post, three ways to excel at work. Erdman recommends the following:

1. Eat brain foods such as nuts, cold-water fish, spinach, and pumpkins seeds. These foods are a great source of healthy fats (polyunsaturated & monounsaturated) and low in hydrogenated fats.

2. Sleep is not for slackers, and a lack of sleep has shown to reduce productivity. She recommends 8 hours of sleep to prevent what she calls “survival mode” or just getting by at work. 

3.Lastly, she emphasizes on the practice of giving. Suggesting employees to go out of their way and do something nice for another co-worker. This concept of giving back to the company provides an opportunity for the individual to feel good about their performance, as well as increase their value in the company.

Healthy, energized, and giving employees are assets to any company. They bring positive ideas that burst creativity and business growth. Although today’s job market can be competitive and challenging, there are ways to shine and excel in your job!